Obligatory birthday post.


Another year older, a little bit wiser. Or am I? In life, no. Education-wise, yes.
This past year I struggled. That was the hardest year of my degree so far (but still I passed yay!). They literally soaked my brain in info-water until it could soak no more and that still wasn’t enough. Hopefully this year is different. Having said that, this doesn’t mean that was a bad year..

The best part about birthdays is that you get a free birthday Chatime, but of course you’d have to spend that extra 60c for pearls.

But apart from that, today was just another day in class, listening to god awful videos about how to communicate to patientd and how to nod and smile appropriately because apparently the three years wasn’t enough. Please.

21. Why is it a milestone anyway? I feel like after celebrating 20 birthdays, the next one just didn’t feel important or stand out anymore. Celebrating was just an excuse to try out a cake that looked delicious anyway.

Anyway, birthday goals: Do more of what I want this year, don’t be afraid of what others think. Treat the people around me better as they are as precious as gemstones and I cannot afford to take them for granted. As cheesy as that sounds. And lastly, put in more effort into education and learning. Especially relating to work.


These are a few of my favourite things

This is a long one, so grab a cup of your favourite beverage and join me while I rummage through my favourite beauty products!


At the end of the day, all I want is that my face doesn’t look like a reflective mirror of oil. I’ve really been loving…


  1. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
    One of the best primers on the market! Keeps your face matte all day. Super light on the skin. Blends super smoothly. Great base for foundation and increases the longevity of your foundation two fold (if not three)! A little goes a long way with this primer – half a pump (literally the size of a Willy Wonka Nerd, if anyone knows what I’m talking about) is enough to cover your entire face. However.. it smells and looks like sunscreen (has SPF15), sort of makes your skin whiter (especially if you use too much), and doesn’t do much for your pores. It’s definitely a splurge, but to me, investing in a high quality primer is definitely worth it.
  2. L’Oreal True Match Foundation (in Golden Ivory)
    Very flawless foundation. Lasts all day. Doesn’t look cakey at all. Ginormous shade selection. Can’t say enough good things about this. Some people like to say this is a dupe for the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, which I have not tried, but if you have… I’ve done a more detailed review/comparison of this foundation here.
  3. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (in Medium)
    This shade is too dark for me.. Should have got Light or Sand. But it’s so easy to blend and has super great coverage. Can use for both spots, acne, blemishes but also your undereyes. This is the best!
  4. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (in Soft Beige)
    Definitely not the best for covering blemishes and spots due to its light coverage, but definitely great for dark undereyes. Lasts all day and has an ‘anti-fatigue’, brightening effect.
  5. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (in Translucent)
    A Pressed Powder. It does its job at keeping me matte and not too cakey.
  6. Benefit’s Benetint 
    Love this for the cheeks. Doesn’t last very long, but it’s a really pretty colour. Just dab 3-4 dots on your cheeks (or lips, if you’re into that) and blend! Super quick. Super easy. Love.


For an effortless everyday look, I simply fill in my brows, add a bit of mascara (and eyeliner, if I feel up to it) and call it a day.


  1. Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil (in Dark Brown)
    I also own the shade Black Brown, but that’s a bit too dark for my liking. I find that these pencils are SUPER pigmented, and that a REALLY light hand is needed when filling in your brows, otherwise it could look a bit harsh (unless you prefer/are going for strong brows, ofcourse). Lasts all day. Love the colour – it’s a very warm brown.
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (in Caramel)
    I find that this super thin, tiny little pencil really gives you a precise application. I like using this for refining the edges of my brows after I’ve filled it in with the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil and blending everything together with the spooley (which is also great, by the way). Lasts all day. Worth every penny.
  3. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner (in Black)
    Super pigmented and creamy. Doesn’t tug at your lashline. Lasts all day. I use it mainly for lining my upper waterline and lashline to give the illusion of thicker lashes.
  4. Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner (in Black)
    I also have this in Brown (the blue tube), which is equally as good. If I have a few extra minutes, I’ll use this. The tip, which is a brush, is super small and precise so it lets you get the shape and flick of your choice. It’s also super black, lasts all day, and doesn’t flake or smudge. Well, it disappears slowly after a 10 hour day on my super duper greasy eyelids, but I’m pretty sure no long-lasting gel formula in the world would last on those, so there you have it.
  5. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
    Fits my eye shape well (and probably a lot of asian eyes also) and does the job. What more can I say?
  6. L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara
    Didn’t like this at first, but it lengthens and thickens your lashes quite well. It worked really well with my bottom lashes because the wand is super skinny and precise. On days I’m not using my Heroine Make long & curl mascara, I’m using this.


This past month, I’ve been suffering from a cold sore, which blessed me with super dry and flaky lips with occasional blister-filled fluid leakage. Because of that, I sort of gravitated towards super moisturising formulas to speed up the recovery!


  1. Lucas Pawpaw Ointment
    Great for chronic dry, chapped lips. Has a glossy finish but isn’t sticky at all. Leaves your lips feeling soft and moisturised. Soothes and relieves stinging, itchiness, irritation. More info on that here.
  2. Maybelline Baby Lips (in Oh! Orange)
    Super moisturising formula with a hint of orange – love it. It also smells like oranges.
  3. Maybelline Baby Lips (in Lychee)
    A more sheer, clear lip balm with a strong artificial lychee smell. You sort of need to run it on your lips a few more times than normal lip balms, but the result is still the same.

That’s it! Have you tried any of these products? 😀

Overnight Oats

This has been one of my go-to quick and easy breakfast recipes as part of my healthy eating plan! Overnight oats 🙂

Takes you about a minute the night before and you wake up in the morning with an already made ready-to-go breakfast!

overnight oatsI promise it’s more delicious than what it looks here…

For the base, I mix…

  • About 1/3 cup of oats
  • About 1/3 cup skim milk (or almond/soy milk, whichever you prefer)
  • A few large spoonfuls of greek yogurt

I leave this in the fridge overnight and in the morning, I add the toppings! 🙂 Now, for the toppings, I used…

  • 1/2 – 1 banana (sliced)
  • A few nuts of choice (almonds pictured)
  • A few dry cranberries
  • A small dollop of peanut butter

And I’m done! Super quick and simple 😀

You could always add some granola, fresh berries, cinammon… the list goes on. It’s really up to you in terms of what you like and what you have on hand!

Have you tried this? What do you like to eat for breakfast? Lemme know!



~4 month old female. Breed: Unknown. Very lively. Loves to play with cockroaches (yum).


~2 years old female. Breed: Ragdoll cross. Loves rolling around on her back. Always seen running for her life (scaredy cat). Cheeky cat.


~5 years old female. Breed: Himalaysian-Persian. Loves meowin’ for attention. Fluffiest cat you’ll ever meet (She had a haircut prior to taking the pic).


A solution for chronic, dry, chapped lips

The struggles of people with super dry, chapped lips… so chapped to the point they crack. Slopping on some lip balm every few hours just doesn’t cut it, so I’ve always always struggled with finding a solution to my super dry chapped lips.

On top of this already massive dilemma, this problem was compounded with the presence of the herpes simplex virus, a.k.a. the cold sore. For those who want to be educated, cold sores are caused by a virus and mainly affect your lips. They start out as a tingly, hot sensation and slowly evolve into a small blister. Soon, the blister may burst and fluid could seep out, forming a crust. It feels like a band-aid is stuck to your lips. Your lips could flake, have fluid seeping out at random times, and it might tingle and hurt. Imagine having intensely dry and unappealing lips for up to 2-3 weeks! It’s just not a pretty sight.

Out of like 5 different lip balms I have in my stash, the Lucas Papaw Ointment worked really well. It forms sort of a protective barrier on my lips (similar to how Vaseline works), but at the same time leaves your lips super moisturised and soft. It is a multi-purpose product – you can also use this on burns, insect bites, chafing, cracked skin to soothe and relieve itchiness/irritation.

I am in no way advertising this product – I just think it works wonders. For only $5, you can’t beat this! You can get this at your local Woolworths, ChemistWarehouse, Coles, Priceline etc. You can also get it in the 75g and 200g tubs, but 25g lasts me a while.

Just my two cents on this miracle lip product.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

My birthday came early!

I’ve always wanted something solid and decent to take HQ pictures and record HQ videos.

So, you can imagine my reaction when Glen bought me this Canon EOS 700D (aka Canon T5i) as the earliest birthday present in history! I’ve never had a DSLR or any sort of camera separate to my phone for that matter, so this is quite exciting!

Ahem, also please excuse the dodgy nail polish job which desperately needs a fresh manicure.

This picture does not even slightly do the camera any justice! It’s just amazing. Any DLSR owners out there will be able to understand. I shall make good use of this on my trip to Korea (in 9 days!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Some Foundations: Short and Sweet Thoughts

Foundation. Lifesaver. Same thing.

I’ve tried a few different ones, and here are my thoughts!

A bit of background: I have extremely (and I mean, extremeeeely) oily, acne-prone skin. I have a lot of pimples, bumps and lumps, acne scars, blackheads, whiteheads, pores and redness. So, I need foundations that are able to cover well yet still look super natural on the skin.

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